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[ Equipment List ]

All equipments is assumed to be of SS rarity.
Effects within square brackets are applied in combat. However, they are treated as Equipment Effects and NOT Buffs/Debuffs and therefore can not be removed and used to trigger unit passives, unless otherwise specified.
Data within parentheses is at Enhancement Level 10.

Icon Name Effect Note Resources Cost
Elemental Heart (Electric) Icon.png Elemental Heart (Electric) ACC +30%(60%)

[DR +30%(60%)]

[Battle Continuation 30%(60% HP)]

[Aurelia's Active2 gains Additional Electric DMG +20%(+30%) and inflict Electric Resist -50%(-80%) to target for 3 rounds]

Orellia Exclusive 34750


Drop List
Events/Main Story Stage Note
Lightless Sanctuary Bt3-4B