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Versions-and-Mods Questions[]

How many versions does the game have?

There are currently 2 servers: Korean and Japanese.

The Korean server has both a Censored version (both Android and iOS) and an Uncensored version (only Android).

The Japanese server has a Censored version on both Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).

The Uncensored android version for the Japanese server can be downloaded from the official website with the following limitations:

  • The official website can only be accessed from a KR/JP IP address
  • You need to redownload the game when the APK is updated
  • You cannot buy tuna, you have to buy it from the censored version
  • Right now the uncensored version doesn't have voices

Japanese server DMM release was scheduled for the first half of 2021.

A Global DMM version was also scheduled for the first half of 2021. There is currently no other information about this version.

What are the differences between the Censored and Uncensored versions?

The Uncensored version is much more revealing than the Censored version, although no explicit nudity is fully shown.

Once linked with a Google Account, your LO Account can be used in both the Censored and Uncensored versions, as all the data is shared.

What are the differences between the Korean and Japanese servers?

The Japanese server is around one year behind the Korean server in term of content. That means less units / events / skins in general.

The Japanese server only allows a player to use either one of Apple ID/Google ID/Twitter as your login account, and you can't change it once you have linked the account to one of these services.

The Wiki is also skewed towards the Korean server, and some information regarding unit's skills is likely to be different from the current Japanese server, which might not have the update yet.

Other than that, the developers have claimed that there will be no limited content that appears in one server but not the other.

How can I download the game?

For the Censored Android version (both Korean and Japanese), you can easily find the APK on pages such as QooApp.

For the Uncensored Android version (Korean), join the one of the two Discords

For Korean iOS version, you must have a valid Korean phone number in order to download it.

How can I whale?

For the Censored version, you can just whale normally using Google Play Store or DMM (if you play on the Japanese server).

For the Korean Uncensored Android version, you must first link your LO Account with your Google Account, then log in to the Censored version with the Google Account and whale there.

Can I mod the game? / Can I apply the Uncensored patch for the Japanese server? / Can I apply the Japanese voice patch for the Korean server?

Go join the Discord.

Is the English patch working? / How can I play in English?

The English patch is dead. Wait for Global release. :(

What's the encryption key for the download?

Click the link, not the preview.

General Questions[]

Is there any limited-time content in the game?

No, the developers specifically said that there won't be any Units or Skins locked behind time-limited Events or Paywalls (Except for the Preregister Skin). Any Event-limited units will be added to the Production Pool and/or as a Map Drop later on.

Should I reroll?

Probably not, but you can (Reroll Guide).

Are there any recipes to get <Insert unit here>?

No, unless you meant the Robots, then do Research.

Are there any tier lists?

No, unless you meant this (Outdated).

What do I do with this thing I got from the in-game mail?

Check Announcements KR if you're playing the Korean server, or go to the Discord.

How many Tuna Cans can you get? Per month?

You can get them from completing certain Achievements and getting 4* in each stages, as well as from Pedia completion (for each Factions, 2 per each units required to complete the Faction).

From Monthly Attendance and Monthly Missions, 30.

Additionally, with the addition of ORCA Pass, 30 more Tuna Cans can be obtained from the Free Track per month.

Where do I purchase the ORCA Pass?

Store. Tuna tab. The one that doesn't look like cans of tuna.

Why can't I purchase the ORCA Pass/Why can't I find the the ORCA Pass?

Check the calendar and Announcements KR. Near the end of the month, SJ made the Pass unavailable for purchase. This is to avoid instances where people buy the Pass at the end of the month then not being able to complete it due to the lack of time.

Where do I read about my enemies?

Here or Here.

Technical Questions[]

I got stuck at HMD x%?

If it's 6% or below, login failed, you should restart the game.

If it's 9% or above, give it a few minutes. If it still doesn't move, restart the game.

(On Monday, or Sunday, depending on your Time Zone) Why can't I play?


Why does it take me to some Korean Store when I open the game?

The APK is outdated, find updated version in the Discord.

How do I unlock auto mode?

Research, it's one of the first things you unlock.

How do I rank-up my units?

Research last tab. Do note that only some units can be ranked-up.

Why are all of my units black silhouettes?

Uncheck the top right checkbox in the main menu, you probably accidentally tapped on it.

Why does the game keep getting dark when I leave it on auto?

That's the Screensaver mode. You can turn it off temporarily by swiping the screen, or permanently in the Options (See UI Guide).

Why can't I find <Insert unit here> in <Insert Menu here>?

Usually, they're in an Exploration Squad, selected in Tower of Iron Parasite, in the Base, or being used as a Temporary Link.

Gameplay Questions[]

Is this <Insert team of 5 random SS units here> good?

No, probably not.

How should I raise stats for this unit? / What link bonus should I choose? / What Equipment should I use?

They all depend on the stage you're facing. There is no one win-all build for any unit and you're expected to change builds for units drastically between stages.

Stat Distribution Guide and Equipment Distribution Guide can give you some ideas, but don't take them as your Bible for everything.

What's the difference between permanent link and temporary link during core-linking?

One of them is permanent, the other one is not. More details in core linking.

Why did my auto stop?

One of these thing happened:

  • Your Unit Lobby / Equipment Storage is full.
  • You ran out of resources.
  • One of your units was defeated.
  • Disconnection.
There is a popup each time I try to enter a map?

Your Unit Lobby / Equipment Storage is full.

Why did my <Insert power level here> Squad lose to a <Insert power level here> map?

Power level is the most misleading thing in LO. You can win a 20k Power map with a single 8k Power unit, then lose to that same map with a 50k Power Endgame Squad.

You need to know what enemies do (check this), plan your strategy around them, find units / combinations of units that can take advantage of their weaknesses and counter their strengths.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

How can I beat this map, it has <Insert power level here>?

See above.

How can I beat <Insert boss / elite mob here>?

See above.

Why does <Insert Defenders here> do not protect <Insert unit here>?

Go read their skills. Defenders only protect specific targets mentioned in their skills and only in their Area of Effect; some must use their Active 2 to Protect, or rely on some tools other than Target / Row / Column Protect to do their jobs.

Just because they're Defenders doesn't mean they have to Protect everyone on the Squad.

Why does my 100% EVA (ACC) character keep getting hit (missing)?

The actual hit chance is ACC - EVA, so yes, that can happen.

Where do I get <Insert Item here>?

Check Items. If it's not there, then it's a time-limited item / event currency, in which case go check Announcements KR if you're playing the Korean server, or go to the Discord.

Or if you meant the currency to get skins in Exchange, you get them buy selling unused skins.

Do anyone know the drop rate for <Insert unit here>?


Do I have higher chance of getting X if I complete all of the ★ Missions?


Are there other ways of levelling my units?

Yes. You gift them records for level EXP and manuals for skill EXP. You get these items from event exchange and EXP dailies. Look them up under gifts in Items to know what they look like.

How do I gift things to my units?

You put them in the secret room at base then you gift them things. Go to Base to know more.

What do I do with these stat fodder units?

Retire them or keep them for memory.

Resources Management & Optimization Questions[]

How should I spend my Tuna Cans?

The general recommendation is to first buy 2 Squad Slots (For Exploration), then Unit Slots at least until you have 300 (For prolonged farming time) and maybe some Equipment Slots. After that you can do whatever you want, but I would still recommend expanding Unit Slots as much as possible.

Of course you can forego all that and go for Skins right away, but doing so would likely result in the game getting increasingly harder to play due to lack of Resources.

And please don't buy Gene Seeds with Tuna, just don't.

Is <Insert unit here> good / worth raising?

Yes. All units have uses somewhere, even if they're low rank.

Should I do Bioroid Production?

Unless you're swimming in Resources (and by that I meant having 200,000 of each), just do the basic 3 90/90/90 builds per day for the Daily Missions.

Should I do AGS Production?

Aeda? Yes

Others? If you know you need them.

Should I do Equipment Production?

Just do the basic 5 10/10/10 builds per day for the Daily Missions. Even if you're swimming in Resources, you shouldn't be doing this.

What do I do with these extra units?

Core Linking or Disassembling.

How many copies of <Insert unit here> should I keep?

Generally 6 (one full-link) or 7 (and one no-link). Do note that you can always use Proxy Cores of the appropriate rarity instead.

Is it worth linking unit that's not 100%?

Unless you're absolutely sure what you're doing (Since you're asking this, I assume no), then no.

If I rank up a unit to SS, do I have to use the SS Proxy Core to link them?


Who should I focus my SS Proxy Core on?

Invincible Dragon, Labiata, Lemonade Alpha (optional), in that order. They are characters that can only be obtained once for each account, and thus need Proxy Cores if you want to link them.

After that you should focus on new characters that don't have any farm spots yet.

What should I prioritize in <Insert Event here>'s Exchange?

My personal Recommendation:

If you think you have enough time to farm (at least some 5+ days) and you just started, go for Records and Manuals since they can quickly raise your carry to a high level and thus make you farm more efficiently. Do some Unit Fodder in-between to increase the stat cap and actually make use of the stat from leveling up Removed, all units have max stat cap now. Then either go for the units / equipment / cores or buy the Advanced Material Pack (last time I checked new players seemed to really struggle to get those for Research).

If not then try to get units / equipment you don't have any copies of, then move on to Proxy Cores. If you go the above-mentioned route now, you probably won't have enough time to get the missing units.

If you create an account within 24h of the event ending, scratch that and go back to 1st route. Getting enough currency to trade for units with a fresh account will likely take more than that.

Do remember that some events have a grace period afterwards for you to continue using the Exchange (in which case you can save the currency and decide later) while some don't (You need to spend the currency before the event ends).

What Research should I focus on?

You want to finish the leftmost ones and the rightmost ones as soon as possible since they help with getting Resources.

For Robotic Research try those that unlock Aeda.

How should I build the Base?

Resource Production Support Rooms, all of them, they help with generating Resources. Then at least one of each Facility Resource Production Room. After that you're free to do what you want, but I'd recommend an Equipment Upgrade Efficiency Research Room or more Facility Resource Production Rooms.

How do I increase my resource limit/Cap/max?

There is no resource limit. What you are looking at in the home base is your passive resource generation limit, which is determined by your commander level.