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Since the introduction of Offline Farming, this page is considered to be outdated as it was made for auto farming, kept here for archiving purposes.

Resource farming is the method of using a single unit to farm a stage using as few resources as possible; this allows a player to gain resources through disassembling/dismantling units obtained from the stage, even if the disassembled units are low-rank.

This typically requires some investment in disassembly research, as this boosts the amount of materials gained per unit disassembled. There are five ranks (30%, 60%, 90%, 120%, 150%); at max rank, the player acquires 12 of each resource per disassembled B-rank unit. For more clarification, please see the following example:

T-9 Gremlin, an unlinked B-rank supporter, will consume 7 Parts, 12 Nutrients, and 2 Batteries per stage clear. If at least one B-Rank unit is obtained per clear, a player will gain 5 Parts and 10 Batteries per disassembled unit. If an AGS unit is used over Gremlin, it will always result in 12 Nutrients per disassembly; this is due to the fact that AGS units consume 0 Nutrients. In theory, this results in a net gain of resources over time.

Since the gains of each resource are different, it is also recommended to use different Resources Farms and different Exploration to get the type of resources you want the most.

2.0 Farms[]

NOTE: These Farms are only available after the targeting priority change for AoE attack in 2.0 update.

NOTE: These sample builds are quite not-optimized, and can be done with lower level/stat/equipment.

NOTE: All units are assumed to have max skill levels for thresholding purposes (ACC, 100% CRIT).

2-1Ex Farm[]

For this you will need Dutch_Girl at level 93 bare minimum and skill lvl 8~10 and i am assuming your coming here cause you don't have Research upgraded enough to get passive resource regen well anyways on to it for you to gain resources from this you would need at least two bio's to drop you consume 7gears 12 nutrients 7batteries and dismantling two grants you 16{resources of each kind} the run itself is 4:min+ on auto you will need to set it to only use her skill 2 placement is as follows along with gear-THESE STATS MUST BE REPLICATED- or better versions of gear displayed can be used if you own them

Screenshot (151)

Screenshot (152)

You can just set it to auto and it will clear within the 4min! that's all it is a bit slow but it works when u have nothing.

3-1Ex Aeda Farm[]

3-1Ex Peregrinus Farm[]

  • 0-link Peregrinus.
  • Must have Battlefield Reboot OS Gamma (so only for veteran player) (Doesn't need to be upgraded).
  • Stat Requirement: 155% ACC, 100% CRIT.
  • Both Actives can be used to clear, but Active 2 is recommended since it should lower the ATK requirement.
Screenshot 20211231-100401

3-1Ex Cyclops Princess Farm[]

Screenshot 20220112-201529

3-1Ex Marie Farm[]

To be added

3-1Ex Glacias Farm[]

  • 0-link Glacias.
  • Stat Requirement: 100% CRIT.
  • Tight on SPD.
  • Use Active 2.
Screenshot 20220112-205606

3-2Ex Cyclops Princess Farm[]

  • 0-link Cyclops Princess, skill lv10.
  • Stat Requirement: 1170ATK, 100% CRIT.
  • Use Active 2.
Screenshot 20220112-204829

4-4Ex Harpyia Farm[]

Screenshot 2020-08-12-19-51-32

4-4Ex Titania Farm[]

  • 0-link Titania, skill level 10.
  • Stat requirement: 220% ACC, 100% CRIT, 1720 ATK post-buff. >4.61 SPD if the you decide to use SPD over AP, which is roughly ~11% SPD buff from Titania's base SPD or 1.4 start AP if using AP.
  • The only important equipment is Assault OS. Other equipment is up to the player. Can now be any OS (preferably Anti Air OS to lower stat requirement) if she is set to use Active 2.
  • The following is just sample combination of EQ used to reach the stat requirement through EQ and stat distribution mix.
Titania 4-4EX

4-4Ex Marie Farm[]

To be Added

5-8Ex Emily Farm[]

  • Full-link Emily, skill level 10, Cost Full Link Bonus.
  • Emily must has less than 33% HP (for her Passive 3) and is set to use Active 2.
  • Stat requirement: 100% CRIT, 2781 base ATK, 4.07 base SPD.
  • Must have Anti Heavy OS +10. Other equipment is up to the player. The following is just sample combination of EQ used to reach the stat requirement through EQ and stat distribution mix (not optimized).
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This need at least some level of rate up to be effective as it has much higher base cost than normal resource farms.
Screenshot 20211209-215349

5-8Ex Emily Farm (2-Link LV 120)[]

  • Similar to above but slightly cheaper, at the cost of requiring much more investment
  • Rate up is still required
  • All requirements below are non-negotiable
  • 2-Link Emily, LV 120, Affection 200/Pledged
  • ATK 2293, CRIT 100%
  • Equipment requirements: 2x Enhanced Output Chips +10, Anti Heavy OS +10, Particle Accelerator (Force) +10
  • Otherwise identical to Full-Link version
2L 120 Emily, 5-8Ex

Legacy of Rioboros Ev2-1B Cyclops Princess Farm[]

  • No link Cyclops Princess, skill level 10.
  • Stat Requirement: 176% ACC, 100% CRIT, >940 base ATK.
  • Use Active 2.
  • None of the EQs are important. Just meet the stat check.
Screenshot 2022-01-12-11-23-13

Invitation from Paradise Ev3-4s Fotia Farm[]

  • Very low requirements
  • 0L Fotia
  • ACC 200
  • At least 5 SPD after buffs OR Grand Cru Chocolate +10
  • Skill levels must be LV 5 or higher
  • ATK 908 for skill LV 5 (600 for skill LV 10)
  • Use A2.
Paradise 3-4s Fotia

1.0 Farms[]

Outdated and not efficient farms, but can still be used for newer players.

2-4 Farm[]

B-rank supporter: Level 90 and Skill Level 8+ is mandatory, as an unlinked B-rank unit will have relatively low stats. Recommended characters for this are Brownie and Gremlin (for Parts/Batteries), or Drone 08 and Spartan Assault (for Nutrients).

SS-rank Counter OS +10: A maxed SS-rank Counter OS is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as clears will be slow and/or possibly fail without it. The reason for this is that until the OS is maxed out, the unit will only have a chance to counterattack when hit; at max level, a counterattack is guaranteed.

Other required equipment: SS-Rank Attack/Crit Chips and Force Field are generally recommended. Force Field helps increase survivability and stay above the "damaged" threshold, as the unit will be forced to take hits in order to counterattack; meanwhile, Attack/Crit Chips will help increase the damage of said counterattack and reduce the amount of hits taken overall.

After the player has chosen and properly equipped a character, go to stage 2-4 and set the game to auto/repeat battle. Recommended/required equipment will depend on the stage chosen.

2-4: 2 SS-Rank Attack Chips or 1 SS-Rank Crit Chip and 1 SS-Rank Attack Chip, Counter OS, and an SS-Rank Energy Shield/Armor Penetrating Round. A +10 Counter OS is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as this greatly increases the consistency of the run and minimizes any chance of failure; the same principle applies to the unit's other equipment.

Unlinked Solo Units can also farm 2-4 without the need for Counter OS, but the efficiency would not be as high.

3-1Ex Farm[]

SS-rank Solo Units: Level 90 and Skill level beyond Level 9 is mandatory, due to unlinked SS units also have relatively low stats to withstand 3-1ex's incoming damage. Preferable characters for this are unlinked Fenrir and unlinked Tiamat. Note that Fenrir need Enhanced Observation Gear to be able to counter all enemies.

Full-linked Supporters of high rarity can also be used, but like 2-8 Farm, SS-Rank Counter OS +10 is mandatory, and the efficiency will also decrease.

Farming in 3-1Ex is much harder than 2-4 and 2-8, but in return, yields more resources and Advanced Modules in the same period of time.

Sample Builds[]

NOTE: These sample builds are quite optimized, and can be done with lower level/stat/equipment. NOTE: All units are assumed to have max skill levels.


Screenshot 2020-08-12-20-25-46


  • Standard full EVA build for EVA-based solo units
  • She won't be able to always crit, but that is negligible and won't affect the actual outcome
Screenshot 2020-08-12-20-32-06