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Unit Production[edit | edit source]

Normal Production[edit | edit source]

This is where you can produce Bioroids by spending Resources. It requires 1 Genetic Seed and a minimum of 90 Parts, 90 Power and 90 Nutrients. The Nutrients are then distributed into groups of 3 for the head, chest and leg areas. However, you can increase the chances of getting a higher ranked unit by increasing the distributed amount of Resources up to a maximum 990 per resource. The amount of Resources you put in will also affect the type of Bioroids that can be produced. Note that Heavy-type Bioroids are NOT available in Normal Production.

Screenshot 2020-02-22-02-41-01 2.png

You can also use the Production Log to see what recipes other players used to get a specific group of units and quickly copy said recipes. Note that this is only a reference and you are NOT guarantee to get the same unit they did.

Screenshot 2020-02-22-03-04-23.png

Feb.21 2020 Patch also added the Batch Production function, allowing Players to produce a large number of units using the same recipe in all of their free Production slots.

Screenshot 2020-02-22-02-42-39.png

Upon distributing the Resources, you will be taken back to the previous menu, where you can see how long the bioroid will take to produce. You can find out which unit you've created using the Bioroid Crafting Table below. However, using Normal Production means you cannot create Heavy-Type Bioroids until you've done the Research required for Special Production.

Here you can consume a Quick Complete Circuit to instantly finish producing and get the unit immediately. Feb.21 2020 Patch also added the Batch Complete function, allowing Players to receive all of their units simultaneously (Quick Complete Circuit are consumed for uncompleted production).

Screenshot 2020-02-22-02-59-19.png

General Recipe
Type Role Requirement to Appear Higher chance to appear with
SS Total Resources ≥ 1000
Light Attacker None Nutrient, Power
Defender Part ≥ 400 Nutrient, Part
Supporter Part + Power ≤ 1400 Nutrient
Flying Attacker None Power
Defender Part ≥ 400 Power, Part
Supporter Part + Power ≤ 1400 Power

AGS Production[edit | edit source]

AGS Production works similarly to Bioroid production, but the key difference is that you can select which AGS Robot you want to produce. However, it is necessary to unlock the AGS Robots for crafting through the AGS Research Tree, located on a separate tab in the regular Research Tree Menu.


Each unit also consumes a different amount of different materials, including Items and Resources. They do not require a Genetic Seed but instead require an AI Core to be constructed.

Special Production[edit | edit source]

Special Production works almost identically to normal construction, but the amount of Resources spent is much higher. It requires a minimum of 990 Parts, 990 Power and 990 Nutrients. The Nutrients are then distributed into groups of 3 for the head, chest and leg areas. You can also increase the chances of getting a higher ranked unit by increasing the distributed amount of Resources up to a maximum 9900 per resource. The amount of Resources you put in will also affect the type of Bioroids that can be produced.

Screenshot 2020-02-22-03-01-51.png

It also costs a minimum of 10 Advanced Modules to create. However, increasing the amount of modules (to a maximum of 100) also increases the chance of getting an S Rank or higher Bioroid. It is also confirmed that if you put 100 red modules in the recipe you'll be guaranteed to get an S rank or higher Bioroid. This production method is also the only way to craft Heavy-Type Bioroids.

Similar to Normal Production, you can also use Production Log and Batch Production for Special Production.

General Recipe
Type Role Requirement to Appear Higher chance to appear with
Light Attacker None Nutrient, Power
Defender Part ≥ 4000 Nutrient, Part
Supporter Part + Power ≤ 14000 Nutrient
Flying Attacker None Power
Defender Part ≥ 4000 Power, Part
Supporter Part + Power ≤ 14000 Power
Heavy Attacker None Power
Defender Part ≥ 4000 Part
Supporter Part + Power ≤ 14000 None

Construction LO.png

Crafting Timetable[edit | edit source]

Bioroid Crafting Timetable
Icon Name Rank Crafting Time
Labiata Icon.png
Labiata SS Uncraftable
Invincible Dragon Icon.png
Invincible Dragon SS Uncraftable
Lemonade Alpha Icon.png
Lemonade Alpha SS Uncraftable
Wraith Icon.png
Wraith S Uncraftable
Muse Icon.png
Muse S Uncraftable
Black Wyrm Icon.png
Black Wyrm SS 9:00
Eternity Icon.png
Eternity SS 8:50
Bloody Panther Icon.png
Bloody Panther SS 8:40
Echidna Icon.png
Echidna SS 8:35
Rena Icon.png
Rena SS 8:34
Sadius Icon.png
Sadius SS 8:32
Emily Icon.png
Emily SS 8:30
Sirene Icon.png
Sirene SS 8:25
Doctor Icon.png
Doctor SS 7:30
Royal Arsenal Icon.png
Royal Arsenal SS 7:27
Tiamat Icon.png
Tiamat SS 7:00
May Icon.png
May SS 6:55
Titania Icon.png
Titania SS 6:55
Alice Icon.png
Alice SS 6:52
Harpyia Icon.png
Harpyia SS 6:50
Saraqael Icon.png
Saraqael SS 6:49
Azazel Icon.png
Azazel SS 6:42
Sleipnir Icon.png
Sleipnir SS 6:40
Salamander Icon.png
Salamander S 6:34
Coco Icon.png
Coco S 6:30
Ignis Icon.png
Ignis S 6:27
Rhea Icon.png
Rhea SS 6:25
Hachiko Icon.png
Hachiko S 6:25
Spartoia Icon.png
Spartoia S 6:25
Barbariana Icon.png
Barbariana S 6:24
Machina Icon.png
Machina SS 6:22
Calista Icon.png
Calista S 6:21
Neodym Icon.png
Neodym SS 6:20
Poi Icon.png
Poi SS 6:15
Azaz Icon.png
Azaz SS 6:15
Ella Icon.png
Ella SS 6:13
Hirume Icon.png
Hirume SS 6:12
Nereid Icon.png
Nereid S 6:10
Shirayuri Icon.png
Shirayuri SS 6:07
Fenrir Icon.png
Fenrir SS 6:05
Beast Hunter Icon.png
Beast Hunter S 6:05
Marie Icon.png
Marie SS 6:00
Black Lilith Icon.png
Black Lilith SS 5:55
Triaina Icon.png
Triaina S 5:43
Mery Icon.png
Mery S 5:40
Cerestia Icon.png
Cerestia SS 5:39
Faucre Icon.png
Faucre SS 5:38
Armand Icon.png
Arman SS 5:35
Bulgasari Icon.png
Bulgasari S 5:35
Khan Icon.png
Khan SS 5:30
Charlotte Icon.png
Charlotte SS 5:27
Alexandra Icon.png
Alexandra SS 5:25
Sowan Icon.png
Sowan SS 5:23
Leona Icon.png
Leona SS 5:15
Leanne Icon.png
Leanne SS 5:14
HongRyeon Icon.png
HongRyeon SS 5:13
Audrey Icon.png
Audrey SS 5:12
Steel Draco Icon.png
Steel Draco A 5:00
Draculina Icon.png
Draculina SS 4:58
Saetti Icon.png
Saetti A 4:55
Dryad Icon.png
Dryad S 4:37
Pani Icon.png
Pani A 4:36
Kunoichi Kaen Icon.png
Kunoichi Kaen S 4:35
Spriggan Icon.png
Spriggan A 4:33
Kunoichi Zero Icon.png
Kunoichi Zero S 4:32
Red Hood Icon.png
Red Hood S 4:32
Snow Feather Icon.png
Snow Feather S 4:32
Lumberjane Icon.png
Lumberjane A 4:31
Io Icon.png
Io A 4:30
Annie Icon.png
Annie S 4:27
Phoenix Icon.png
Phoenix S 4:25
Night Angel Icon.png
Night Angel S 4:24
Undine Icon.png
Undine S 4:23
MoMo Icon.png
MoMo S 4:22
Blackhound Icon.png
Blackhound S 4:21
Hraesvelgr Icon.png
Hraesvelgr S 4:16
Talon Feather Icon.png
Talon Feather S 4:15
Circe Icon.png
Circe S 4:14
Thetis Icon.png
Thetis S 4:12
Express Icon.png
Express S 4:10
Efreeti Icon.png
Efreeti A 4:00
Elven Forest Maker Icon.png
Elven Forest Maker A 3:55
Perrault Icon.png
Perrault S 3:50
KeumRan Icon.png
KeumRan S 3:47
Atalanta Icon.png
Atalanta S 3:45
BoRyeon Icon.png
BoRyeon S 3:39
BaekTo Icon.png
BaekTo S 3:38
Sunny Icon.png
Sunny S 3:37
Quick Camel Icon.png
Quick Camel S 3:35
Veronica Icon.png
Veronica S 3:33
Empress Icon.png
Empress S 3:33
Phantom Icon.png
Phantom S 3:32
Aurora Icon.png
Aurora S 3:32
Valkyrie Icon.png
Valkyrie S 3:30
Carolina Icon.png
Carolina S 3:17
Silky Icon.png
Silky S 3:12
Yumi Icon.png
Yumi S 3:09
Lindwurm Icon.png
Lindwurm A 3:05
Sylphid Icon.png
Sylphid A 3:03
Griffon Icon.png
Griffon A 3:00
Banshee Icon.png
Banshee A 2:57
Scissors Lise Icon.png
Scissors Lise A 2:55
Mina Icon.png
Mina A 2:45
Pinto Icon.png
Pinto A 2:42
Frost Serpent Icon.png
Frost Serpent A 2:40
Raven Icon.png
Raven A 2:38
Daika Icon.png
Daika A 2:35
Daphne Icon.png
Daphne A 2:30
Alvis Icon.png
Alvis A 2:25
Maria Icon.png
Maria A 2:24
Fortune Icon.png
Fortune A 2:22
Cerberus Icon.png
Cerberus A 2:15
Dark Elven Forest Ranger Icon.png
Dark Elven Forest Ranger A 2:12
Amy Icon.png
Amy A 2:05
Miho Icon.png
Miho A 2:04
Nymph Icon.png
Nymph A 2:00
Hyena Icon.png
Hyena A 1:59
Vanilla Icon.png
Vanilla A 1:58
Cailleach Bheur Icon.png
Bheur A 1:55
Andvari Icon.png
Andvari A 1:54
Constantia Icon.png
Constantia A 1:50
Scathy Icon.png
Scathy A 1:48
Mighty R Icon.png
Mighty R A 1:40
Wraithy Icon.png
Wraithy B 1:27
Sand Girl Icon.png
Sand Girl B 1:25
Impet Icon.png
Impet B 1:24
Djinnia Icon.png
Djinnia B 1:20
Aqua Icon.png
Aqua B 1:05
Johanna Icon.png
Johanna B 1:00
Gnome Icon.png
Gnome B 0:57
Miss Safety Icon.png
Miss Safety B 0:50
War Wolf Icon.png
War Wolf B 0:44
Leprechaun Icon.png
Leprechaun B 0:40
Tomo Icon.png
Tomo B 0:39
Fotia Icon.png
Fotia B 0:38
Dutch Girl Icon.png
Dutch Girl B 0:35
Brownie Icon.png
Brownie B 0:30
Gremlin Icon.png
Gremlin B 0:28
LRL Icon.png
LRL B 0:22
AGS Crafting Timetable
Icon Name Rank Crafting Time
Mr.Alfred Icon.png
Mr.Alfred SS 16:00
Tyrant Icon.png
Tyrant SS 16:00
Stronghold Icon.png
Stronghold SS 12:00
Aeda Icon.png
Aeda SS 12:00
Roc Icon.png
Roc SS 10:30
Albatross Icon.png
Albatross SS 10:00
Gigantes Icon.png
Gigantes S 8:30
Goltarion Icon.png
Goltarion S 5:00
Fortress Icon.png
Fortress A 5:00
Seljuq Icon.png
Seljuq A 4:48
Watcher Icon.png
Watcher A 4:48
Rhein Ritter Icon.png
Rhein Ritter S 4:30
Shade Icon.png
Shade S 4:20
Tommy Walker Icon.png
Tommy Walker A 4:20
Stinger Icon.png
Stinger A 3:05
Spartan Captain Icon.png
Spartan Captain A 2:00
Spartan Boomer Icon.png
Spartan Boomer B 1:20
Spartan Assault Icon.png
Spartan Assault B 1:10
Rampart Icon.png
Rampart B 1:00
Drone Icon.png
Drone B 0:40
Pupp Head Icon.png
Pupp Head B 0:30
Fallen Icon.png
Fallen B 0:10

Unit Enhancement[edit | edit source]

Unit enhancement is where you can upgrade the individual stats of a unit. You can do this by distributing points that the unit gains each time the unit levels up. For each level, the unit gains 3 points to distribute, for a total of 270 points when they reach level 90.

Screenshot 2020-02-22-06-14-04.png

Each unit has six stats they can upgrade; ATK, DEF, HP, ACC, EVA, CRIT. These stats all start off with a max level of 30 but can be increased using the button below the "Max LV" in the bottom-left corner. Here you can select a number of other Bioroids, AGS Robots or Enhancement Modules, each with one or two stats that they increase the max stat cap of.

Once selected and confirmed, the units will be consumed and the Bioroid's stat level caps will increase. As you level up the caps, they require more and more fodder to level up further.

The value of each stat per point distributed is different from each other. They are listed as follow:

Icon Stat Value Icon Stat Value Icon Stat Value
ATK Icon.png ATK 1.5 per point DEF Icon.png DEF 1.25 per point HP Icon.png HP 8 per point
ACC Icon.png ACC 1.5% per point EVA Icon.png EVA 0.4% per point CRIT Icon.png CRIT 0.4% per point

You can undo your current distribution of stats before confirming by pressing the red loop button. Note that this does not refund points that you have already confirmed the distribution of. To reset the stat of a Bioroid, you need to press the purple button on the left, which will cost one Stat Reset Module every time. These should be used sparingly, but it is worth noting that increasing the wrong stats does not have a huge impact and min/maxing stats is not required at all, until late into the game.

Screenshot 2020-02-22-06-18-53.png

Equipment Production[edit | edit source]

Here, you can create every type of equipment, including Chips, OS, and Auxiliary Equipment. It requires a minimum of 10 Parts, 10 Power and 10 Nutrients in order to make one Equipment item, but each one of these can be maximized to a total of 990 of their respective resource. It also requires one Battle Gear Core in order to commence with the creation. The amount of Resources you put in will affect the type of the equipment being produced.

Screenshot 2020-02-22-07-15-25.png

Similar to Bioroid Production, you can check Production Record, use Batch Production and Batch Complete for Equipment Production.

Screenshot 2020-02-22-07-15-52.png Screenshot 2020-02-22-07-16-05.png

General Recipe
Type Part Nutrient Power
Chip / Circuit 250 150 150
150 150 250
OS / System 150 250 150
Gear / Auxiliary Equipment 250 150 250

Equipment Enhancement[edit | edit source]

This is where you can enhance your existing equipment. You can upgrade your equipment by first selecting which item you'd like to upgrade, then by selecting a number of other pieces of Equipment or fodders you'd like to use as materials for the upgrade (max. 17 at a time). It's also important to notice that the amount of exp gained from enhancement is equal to the amount of Resources spent. Thus it makes Equipment extremely costly to upgrade. (The resource required can be reduced with Research).

All Equipment can be upgraded from 0 to 10, and every level will enhance the effect of the equipment. However, the EXP needed to reach level 10 differs greatly for each piece of Equipment (from 14k EXP to 52k EXP for SS rank equipments). It's also noteworthy that for some Equipment the stat increase at each level is non-linear while others have linear growth. The growth is also independent of the original stat, which makes some seemingly negligible effects at level 0 become extremely potent when maxed.

Screenshot 2020-02-22-07-29-10.png

Recovery Room[edit | edit source]

This is where you can recover a unit's HP if it falls below 25%. The Resources needed for recovery is affected by the HP lost and can be extremely costly in that regard. You can choose to either leave the unit to recover over time or to spend Quick Fix Nano Machine in order to instantly recover the unit's health, which are given to the player frequently, so using them often is not very punishing.

However, some units have unique abilities that benefit them by having low health, such as May, so the player is advised to consider leaving units at low HP in order to maximize their efficiency, but this is not required to complete any parts of the game and can be avoided.

Screenshot 2020-02-22-08-04-31.png

Facility Material Production[edit | edit source]

The new Production system added to the game together with the addition of the new Base's Facility System. This is where Facility Materials for certain type of rooms can be created using Synthesis Resin, Varnish and Iron.

The procedure is similar to normal Unit & Equipment Production, albeit with different resources and no Production Log.

Due to the lack of Production Log and the fact that this system is relatively new, there is not much known about general recipes to get certain types of material. Screenshot 2020-08-06-08-08-52.png Screenshot 2020-08-06-08-09-02.png Screenshot 2020-08-06-08-09-09.png

General Recipe
Proportion of Materials Type
Resin=Varnish>Iron Resource regen,
Base resource
Resin+Varnish≤Iron Everything
Others Battle trace (exp),
Equipment research
Total resource≥150 Advance Materials
(The blue ones)

Disassembling[edit | edit source]

This is where you can dispose of Units and Equipment in order to gain back Resources and Modules depending on the rarity of the Units or Equipment being disposed. Simply select either Units or Equipment using the tab located at the top right, then select what you want to get rid of, then confirm to dispose of them.

The amount of Resources you gains by Disassembling can be improved with Research.

Feb.21 Patch added the ability to quickly select all B-rank Units/Equipment to be disassembled.

After the addition of Tower of Iron Parasite and Equipment Promotion system, disassembling Equipment also yields Special Alloy (material for Equipment Promotion) of the same rank.

Screenshot 2020-02-22-08-07-48.png

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